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Auto Accessories Essentials That You Will Need

Cars have come a long way now and have many auto accessories included. However, there are a few auto accessories that every driver should consider adding, including a dash cam, a car mount holder, and a USB-C charger for your car.

What Is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is a way to record your driving no matter where you go. With this helpful auto accessory, you can always protect yourself in case of an accident.

What to Look at When Buying a Dash Cam

Dash cams come with several different features, but there are a few features you should always look for, including:

  • - Cost
  • - Storage space
  • - Mounting method
  • - Image quality
  • - Battery
  • - Dash cam front and rear


Additionally, there may be some extra features you want in your dash cam, including:

  • - Wireless connectivity
  • - Built-in display
  • - De-fogging
  • - GPS

Image Resolution

The camera’s resolution is a feature you should consider when buying a dash cam. Dash cam resolutions can range anywhere from 480p for more affordable options to 4k resolution for more expensive options.


Some dash cams come with built-in storage, while others might require you to buy external storage, such as a MicroSD card.


Most dash cams use your car’s power to operate through a connection in the cigarette lighter port. However, some have built-in batteries. Dash cams with built-in batteries usually have a short battery life, so it may be better to get one that’s hard-wired for your car if you’re going on long drives.

Benefits of Owning a Dash Cam

  • - Owning a dash cam can give you a variety of benefits, including:
  • - Helping capture accidents on the video to submit as evidence
  • - Monitoring your teenager’s driving habits
  • - Gives you peace of mind when commuting


A dash cam can become a key piece of evidence if an accident happens, and they help protect you and others on the road.

What Is a Car Mount Holder?

A car mount holder is an auto accessory that helps with mounting your phone on your car so you can easily access your directions or phone calls.

Different Types of Phone Mounts

There are a variety of phone mounts to choose from. Some suction to your windshield or dashboard, and others mount on your air vents. There are also cup-holder mounts and some that are permanently fixed to the dashboard, but those aren’t as common.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Phone Mount?

Having a phone car mount can give you many benefits, including making it easier to use your GPS navigation app, enabling you to have hands-free calls, and also letting you listen to your music easier.

What Is a Car USB-C Car Charger?

A car charger is a small adaptor that can go into the accessory port of a car and provides at least one USB output. They’re typically used to charge your phone while you’re on the go and are useful to have on hand.

What To Look for When Buying a Car Charger

There are a few features to look out for when buying a car charger. Some of these features include:

  • - Multiple sockets
  • - Size
  • - Power Output
  • - How fast it charges
  • - Quality of the charger

What Are the Benefits of a Car Charger?

Car chargers come with a lot of benefits as auto accessories. Some of the benefits that they offer include:

  • - Allowing you to charge your phone or another device while on the go
  • - Provide fast charging for when you’re in a pinch
  • - Connect your music and navigation to your car


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