AUKEY Dash Cam 4K DRS1

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With the IMX415 Sony Sensor and 7 layers glass lens, DRS1 records real 4k video, creating a clear, sharp image – even at night. Six lanes of 170-degree wide-angle recording with a wide range to cover more blind spots.

Customer Reviews

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Great video quality but overall is defeated by wireless app snafu

Everything about the camera is great except the app! WiFi connects in the app setup but I can't get past that. This is step 2 of 3 but cannot advance to step 3, after successful WiFi connection. Just stuck in the same window on set up. Am not interested in having to remove the card to then bring in to my PC every time, which is the only way I can download and view the videos. Video quality is great, day and night, but I also bought this for the IOS wireless capability and I can't finish that set up in the app. So wireless inability defeats this camera's use for me. Wish wireless could have worked but now will return the camera.

Unacceptable picture quality on night vision.

The 4K camera quality is really good at daytime. You can see clearly the plate of the car you following. But if the car come to you at a high speed, you can’t see the plate clearly. The picture quality is very poor at night vision. I fully can’t see the plate number even though the car is stopped on the road.

Good value

It comes with everything you need to get it installed right away. The image quality is nice and sharp. Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

Feature rich & excellent quality video captured from a 4k dashcam.

What a difference it is to experience your footage in 4k30fps. It makes a huge difference when your trying to zoom in on a cars license plate. In full HD which is 1080p, it is difficult to read license plates depending on the distance away they are, even when you zoom they look blurred. In my opinion, a 4k dashcam is essential vs a 1080p full HD cam. I am fond of the simple and intuitive interface of this dash cam and compared to others I have tried, this one takes the cake. This dashcam uses one of the better image sensors, it is the IMX415 Sony sensor which captures footage beautifully. This dashcam is easy to operate and I recommend to anyone wanting to be safer and have proof of any type of incident.

I feel safer knowing there's a camera on my dash

Very happy with my new dash cam. The quality is great for the price. I like that it comes with 2 different stands one for putting it on the dash and the other by the rear view mirror. Having a dash cam makes me feel safer knowing if something God forbid happens and the insurance company can use the footage to see who's at fault.