AUKEY USB Wall Charger 4 Ports with Foldable Plug

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Powerful and Safe
Advanced circuitry with built-in safeguards protects your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. Powerful and effective device charging without a worry.

AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology
Tuned to support healthier battery function and faster USB charging speeds, AiPower intelligently adjusts power output to match the unique charging needs of all your USB-powered gear.

Broad Compatibility
Designed to work with all popular USB-powered devices from iPhones to Android phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers & headphones, e-readers, fitness trackers, photography gear, and more. Whatever USB-powered gear you’ve got, we’ve got you covered.

Share Your Power
Small enough to slip into a backpack or laptop bag, yet powerful enough to charge four USB gadgets at the same time. The powerful AUKEY PA-U48 plugs directly into a wall outlet with a folding two-prong plug for storage or travel.

AUKEY Union One Series Multi-Function 18W PD Travel Adapter This adapter can be used with most electronic devices rated up to 2300W at 230V and 1100W at 110V.

It can be used with a wide range of appliances and devices including hairdryers, irons, cameras, iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Android smartphones, power banks, games consoles, and shavers. Please check device specifications before use.

Powered by AUKEY OmniStack
AUKEY OmniStack Technology uses an ultra-compact stack design that enables more power to be packed into a smaller charger. This brings this adapter 30% smaller size and much greater efficiency.

AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology
With up to 2.4A of dedicated adaptive output per green AiPower USB port, your devices will each receive the safest maximum recharge rate possible (8A total output if using all four ports).

45-Day Money Back & 24-Month Warranty
All AUKEY products are backed by our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty.

Model: PA-U48
Input: AC 100–240V 50/60Hz
USB Output 1–4: DC 5V 2.4A Max (8A total)
Total Power Output: 40W
Dimensions: 64 x 63 x 29mm / 2.52” x 2.48” x 1.14”
Weight: 116g / 4.09oz

Customer Reviews

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Doing It Smartly

I've had this quite a while, and I'm now going to see if I can find some for other family members

Chris Holley

Pre-pandemic, I traveled a LOT for work. All I needed was one of these, a simple plug converter to make sure the prongs matched the outlets, and a bunch of cables for my devices. I've taken these things all over North America and Europe - zero issues, and no need to get a current converter: this thing is smart enough to do it for you. NOW I have about 4 of these things all over the house (bed side tables, kitchen, living room, etc.), as well as one permanently stashed in my travel bag. It's hassle free, compact, and tackles any electric current that's thrown at it. NOTE - I've seen some complaints about this being too heavy to sit on a wall socket. This is a legit complaint, especially for some hotels that seem to have worn out sockets. While you can easily flip the charger upside down so it sits differently, the easiest solution is to bring an extension cord or power bar than can be laid flat (note - power bars won't work well outside your native power - eg: a power bar from North America will blow a fuse in Europe and vice versa). Bottom line - even in Europe, I've never NOT been able to charge my equipment because this "fell out of the wall"... I either find a different plug or turn it the other way around.

Hilda from Miami
Cost a little more but worth the difference

Cost a little more but worth the difference


Compact. Excellent charging and doesn't have an any annoying lights, only a tiny LED to let you know it's on. I replaced a larger bedside charger with this and am thrilled with it.

Sean Coady

This preforms very well and has replaced several of my usb outlets at my computer station.