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Power plant

I love the amount of power this device has. I have comfort knowing that I carry this storage in my pocket to give my devices a charge up when needed.

Small package but high energy

I able to rapidly charge my Google Pixel 3 using the supplied usb-c capable without any additional input from me. The package was almost all inclusive, just need to be able to charge the bank but most people have a spare charger anyways. With my Anker, I have to click a button before it will output power to my phone on the PD port, but with the Aukey it will automatically either charge my phone or be charged by itself. I would purchase again. I did not have any issues with shipping.

Included cable doesn't support fast charging?

I like Aukey products. This powerbank is nice, but the included cable doesn't support fast charging, which is crazy since the power bank itself does support it. 5 stars if the cable was usable.

Great charger that replaces my 72 watt power brick!

I got this to replace the big power brick I brought to school everyday because I really only charged my MacBook Pro and rarely more than 2 devices at a time. The reason I got this instead of the Anker brand was because it can charge my laptop at 45 Watts and my iPhone at 18 Watts instead of 30 and 30. So I’m able to supply enough power to both devices without losing anything big. The size is as big as the 45 watt Apple charging brick but at 63 Watts. Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase with the discount I got.

Premium quality at great value

For this price range, I must say, I am more than satisfied with the performance and build quality. First of all, the casing and the buds are made of rugged material but the outer layer is very smooth and premium feeling. Sound quality is really very good, specially the clarity at different range, which sets it apart from the cheaper ones. Connectivity is easy and stable. Bass is deep and balanced. USB charging is excellent. I would not mind if the casing could be a bit smaller. However, the design is great for carrying. Overall, very premium feeling product at affordable price.

Good charger with dual charge capability.

This charger is a very nice combination of compact and powerful. this. An affordable charger with 2 USB-C PD ports, one for a laptop, one for a phone. It works great for a Macbook air , and Iphone 11 . Good build quality. A plus, it has two different charging ports, i charged both devices at the same time, no issues.

My New Go To Charger!

First of all I am a big fan of Aukey’s products, I was really excited when they brought out this Dynamic Detect charging! I love that I can use this to Fast Charger both my phone and tablet at the same time or if I need to charge my MacBook with the second usb-c port (bottom port) will charge at 60w! I love that it’s smart enough to know what’s plugged into each port! It’s a little on the large side, but smaller than my current laptop charger so I can travel with this one and kill two birds with one stone since I no longer have to carry a brick for my laptop and one for my phone/tablet! This makes my every day commute so much easier! I 100% recommend this charger to anyone who needs the power delivery to fast charge their devices on the go or even at home.


This USB hub works good and seems to be made well. Got this to go with my laptop. This is so helpful because I never have enough ports.

Get this now!

Awesome cable that charges from USB C to lighting on a power delivery charger. It matches the charger and deliver the charges fast, with the power delivery charger, my iphone xr was able to charge about 1% per minute or more when it's around 5%. The cable is the typical nylon material that feels sturdy, and the cable also have a velcro strap on it for storing the cable without a rubber band.

Charges fast!

My son uses this charger for his Nintendo switch and he says it charges even faster than the charger that came with his switch. My husband also uses the charger for his phone and he says it charges fast. Love the double port feature. Overall happy with this purchase.


No problems with it at all, good length, not too long that it gets tangled up and not too short that you cant use your phone comfortably while it's charging and seemed to work way faster than my previous cable. It’s extremely durable and Apple certified.

Best quality

Very high quality, I love this hub! I This is much more convenient than plugging in so many cables every time I move my laptop. Cable feels very durable. Connectivity is very good. All of the drives that I connected it to worked with no problem. The size of the hub is round small and the build quality is quite good. The aluminum shell does help to dissipate heat. It doesn't get hot, only warm to the touch at its peak. Definitely a handy device to have in any electronic lover's home! Overall it's a great adapter and does as well as it potentially can for every port it offers.

Very sturdy and reliable

I always need more cables since I use them all the time! I like this one, will order again. It's sturdy, looks good and works well.

Compact size charger that supports PD charging and fast charging for the phones.

Got this charger for the replacement for Hp Spectre X360 and it works like a charm. Charged the laptop at rated speeds. On the bonus side got extra pd port which i can use for Samsung s10+ which does Fast charging for the phone. Charger is compact enough to carry in laptop bag easily. I can recommend this charger for OEM replacement that supports PD charging.

Perfect Quality for the price!

I think this earbuds is my one of the best purchases on Amazon if not the best! Perfect Quality, Great design, The sound is really pure! I will keep u updated if smth will go wrong!

Got it for my tablet/computer, also supports fast charging for Samsung S9

Got this charger for myvtablet computer from Samsung Tab proS. The original charger gave up and was sometime working and sometimes not. When working, the battery was drain ni ing faster than charging. Got this as it had higher wattage. It works better than original charger. Has cur charging timebyhalf an hor due to higher wattage output (through 2and port, 45 W). Top port is only 18W but is good for charging Samsung S9 and works like original charger and supports fast charging.

This adapter doesn't come with USB-C to USB-C cable so get one if you decide to get this adapter.

Note for Samsung Galaxy Note10plus users: Although 2and port as max output capacity of 45W but it wont work with the Note10 plus as this is not compatible. And it is die to software samsung used in note10 plus which prevents any outside adapter to achieve 45W output. This was the only are where I was little disappointed.

Overall, good adapter especially charging for tablets/ macbooks/ iphones and samsung S10 or lower model phones.

Great pair of wireless earbuds for working out!

When I saw people walking around with apple pods for 180 dollars and thought they looked awkward and would get lost easily, but now that I have a pair of these wireless earbuds I see what all the hype was about. The case of the size of a large dental floss container magnetically connects and charges these buds 3 plus times before it needs a charge, and the earbud each with a battery around 7-8 hours (only right earbud can be used independently, the left earbud needs the right earbud to be on). The case can be charged wirelessly (which is actually really handy), and by USB C. The earbud is also really easy to connect, once you connected, all you need to do next time is take them out of the case and it'll automatically connect to your phone. The fit to your ears is also great, it also provides several ear wings for adjustment along with the standard earbud pieces. All in all, it's great for working out and be on the move. The earbuds do stay in your ear during activities, which makes exercising ie. bench press more comfortable.

work for my Mac Pro 2019 well

value the money. and it's very slim and light.

Great companion to MacBook Pro!

I was looking for a good usb-c hub for my MacBook Pro and this is perfect! Has 2 usb 3.0 ports, hdmi and another usb-c plus wireless charging for my iPhone. It’s perfect!

Great product, and well made

This USB-C charger does exactly what it says it will. As with most Aukey branded products, its a great product that is well made with quality materials you can rely on. The only thing I would say, is that it would be nice if it were a tad smaller for ease of portability and travel. I still keep it in my laptop bag despite the size, and mostly use it to charge my Google Pixel 3XL and iPad. Excellent charger for your PD device needs.


What I like most about this device is being able to charge my cell phone while using my computer

Amazing PD Charger for Nintendo Switch Dock

This is an awesome charger from Aukey. Both ports support PD charging with the top one delivering a max of 18W (which is perfect for phones and tablets) and the bottom one 45W or 60W depending on if the top port is being used or not.

Use cases:
18W + 45W when both are being used.
Full 60W when only the bottom port is used.

In either case, it works to power the Nintendo Switch Dock even while using the top port to charge my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I’m replacing my other Aukey 3-port 60W charger with this one. It’s much smaller, outputs more wattage (albeit losing one USB A port, no problem), and the prongs are retractable instead of an extra cable.

value for money excellent quanlity

Nice purchase! Sound effects and touch control are amazing. It is so comfortable for ears.

Great ear buds

This is really well designed. The case looks and feels cool. It fits perfectly. It is ergonomic. The fin helps the buds to stay intact . They don’t fall when jogging or workout. I have used many other pods but these fit the best. It is easy to pair. It has pretty good battery life. The sound quality is good too. The case can be charged with wire and also wireless. It also works in rain. The touch control is working fine.added pics

Awesome charger at an awesome price!

This charger is awesome! If you’re a fan of Anker products this is the same awesome quality and at a fraction of the price! Sleek, fast, and small, exactly what you want in a charger (you don’t hear that too often).