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Great Product

I’ve been doing research on wireless ear buds for quite some time and finally made the decision to buy this pair. I love them. There were several things for me that I wanted the ear buds to do.
1. Automatically connect to my phone without having to connect from the settings menu every time. It does this flawlessly.
2. Good microphone. My phones microphone broke and the speaker phone isn’t that great either. I talk on the phone a lot, so this was a must. The people on the other end say they can’t even tell. Volume and audio quality are great.
3. Quickly and easily setup and ready for use. I carry these in the case in my pocket and whenever I get a call, I needed ear buds that would be quick to use so I didn’t miss the call or have to switch audio feeds from my phone when I answer the call. This is probably my favorite feature as it takes about 1.5 rings from taking them out of the case to turn on and connect to my phone. This way, all I have to do is take them out, put them in my ear, double tap and I’ve got the call. Extremely easy and hardly any delay.
4. Sound quality. I’ve been using the standard iPhone headphones which had great sound, so I expected the same. These are right up there with quality, except it has the rubber casing for your ear, which acts like ear plugs. This blocks out the white noise and makes the sound quality higher.
5. They had to stay in my ears while exercising. I exercise everyday, a version of cross fit, so my body is very active and I listen to music during the workout. I couldn’t have the headphones fall out while I was running or being very physically active. With the rubber ear bud, these stay in place with no problem. Even when I’m yawning and it shifts the shape of my ear, they still stay in place.

The only reason I have it at 4 stars is there is some room for improvement for the true sound quality. The bass is a little low, but I’m getting picky at this point. It’s an ear bud and not over the head headphones which would have a larger speaker

Best earbud for the price, hands down.

Premium quality at great value

For this price range, I must say, I am more than satisfied with the performance and build quality. First of all, the casing and the buds are made of rugged material but the outer layer is very smooth and premium feeling. Sound quality is really very good, specially the clarity at different range, which sets it apart from the cheaper ones. Connectivity is easy and stable. Bass is deep and balanced. USB charging is excellent. I would not mind if the casing could be a bit smaller. However, the design is great for carrying. Overall, very premium feeling product at affordable price.

Great wireless charger for night stand.

Charger was able to fasf charge S9+. Really useful as a night stand if you have always on display. Was able to use in horizontal and vertical.

Best quality

Very high quality, I love this hub! I This is much more convenient than plugging in so many cables every time I move my laptop. Cable feels very durable. Connectivity is very good. All of the drives that I connected it to worked with no problem. The size of the hub is round small and the build quality is quite good. The aluminum shell does help to dissipate heat. It doesn't get hot, only warm to the touch at its peak. Definitely a handy device to have in any electronic lover's home! Overall it's a great adapter and does as well as it potentially can for every port it offers.

Perfect Quality for the price!

I think this earbuds is my one of the best purchases on Amazon if not the best! Perfect Quality, Great design, The sound is really pure! I will keep u updated if smth will go wrong!

Great pair of wireless earbuds for working out!

When I saw people walking around with apple pods for 180 dollars and thought they looked awkward and would get lost easily, but now that I have a pair of these wireless earbuds I see what all the hype was about. The case of the size of a large dental floss container magnetically connects and charges these buds 3 plus times before it needs a charge, and the earbud each with a battery around 7-8 hours (only right earbud can be used independently, the left earbud needs the right earbud to be on). The case can be charged wirelessly (which is actually really handy), and by USB C. The earbud is also really easy to connect, once you connected, all you need to do next time is take them out of the case and it'll automatically connect to your phone. The fit to your ears is also great, it also provides several ear wings for adjustment along with the standard earbud pieces. All in all, it's great for working out and be on the move. The earbuds do stay in your ear during activities, which makes exercising ie. bench press more comfortable.

Great companion to MacBook Pro!

I was looking for a good usb-c hub for my MacBook Pro and this is perfect! Has 2 usb 3.0 ports, hdmi and another usb-c plus wireless charging for my iPhone. It’s perfect!


What I like most about this device is being able to charge my cell phone while using my computer

value for money excellent quanlity

Nice purchase! Sound effects and touch control are amazing. It is so comfortable for ears.

Great ear buds

This is really well designed. The case looks and feels cool. It fits perfectly. It is ergonomic. The fin helps the buds to stay intact . They don’t fall when jogging or workout. I have used many other pods but these fit the best. It is easy to pair. It has pretty good battery life. The sound quality is good too. The case can be charged with wire and also wireless. It also works in rain. The touch control is working fine.added pics

Better choice than airpods

These headphones are great. They have quality sound and the noise cancelling actually works. I work out with them daily I have not had one single issue. Plus they fit like a glove and stay in place. The volume is loud and the bass exists. Variety of bud sizes. Only con would be you can't use the left without pulling the right from the case also and the lack of color options.

Wireless fast charge Samsung Galaxy Note 10 via USB C

Works great to wirelessly fast charge my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 via USB C cable. This product is nice and heavy duty... literally... heavy. It is small and elegant and looks great. It comes with a 3ft USB C cable. The only thing that some people may not like is that it has a red LED light that is permanently on, even when not in use. But overall I like this product.

Exactly what I needed

I like this product due to multiple USB ports so a passenger could charge their phone at the same time I do.

Shity Product and BAD Customer Service

The wireless charger never worked since I received it. Going back and forth with customer service about this and they are super bad. Late responses and same lame reply. Never buying anything from them again

Dear JD,

After receiving your question, we immediately analyzed the possibility of solving the problem.

And suggested you cooperate with us to try out some method, but the problem has not been resolved yet.

We have arranged a reshipment for you, the goods have been sent out, it is expected reach your hands in 3-5 days.

The tracking number will send to you by our mail.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

AUKEY Customer Service Team

Poor Communication

I ordered these earbuds online, and never received a confirmation email. As the days passed, I tried to contact Aukey by telephone, but the company only allows email communication. So I sent an email which went unanswered. Of course, Aukey took my money on day one. Frustrated and concerned, I called my credit card company to cancel payment. Only after two weeks, I finally received a shipping notification, my first communication after my order. So I had to call my credit card company again to cancel my cancel! So much time wasted. I will never do business with this company again.

Dear Jane,

After carefully reading your problem and confused, we sincerelly apologize for the inconvenient cause to you.

Our logistics and shipping systems exists some malfunctions last time, and we also did not received your email.

We apologize for this again.

In order to solve the problem. We will continue to follow up on this issue until you are satisfied with it

Looking forward to your understanding and support.

AUKEY Customer Service Team

Buyer beware, does not charge 15" MacBook Pro

I ordered this unit to be the ultimate travel companion for my MacBook Pro and iPhone X. I got it hooked up and upon the first test I discovered that the unit does not actually provide 100W PD to the laptop. Using the Apple 87W charger I expected to get around 78-80W delivered to my laptop but what I actually got was 60W which will not charge a 15". This tells me that the unit is using the older USB-C PD hardware. I have a similar adapter from Monoprice that does support 100W PD and will charge my laptop and phone, just not wirelessly, so I'll be using that instead. Bummer. I hope Aukey can update this in the future. I'd even be willing to pay a premium for a true Thunderbolt 3 version.

Hi Sean,

First of all, thank you very much for your purchase and support of our products.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Our products provide 24 month warranty service under non-human malicious break.

The output power of the product can indeed reach 100W, but due to the internal consumption of the product itself, and the matching degree of the connected device, it is difficult to achieve his ideal output power.

Hoping to gain your understanding.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

This is our contact information.

Looking forward to your reply

AUKEY Customer Service Team

Great way to reduce clutter on your desk.

Previously I had a usb doc and wireless charger and had cables all over my desk. Now with this doc i have everything cleaned up in one place

Awesome little hub

Finally, now there's a portable USB-C hub with 100W pass-thru charging. My HP Spectre x360 Convertible 15 requires 90W - which means this little $50 hub provides everything the "docking station" I spent $300 less than a year ago). The $300 unit is great, but is not portable, has several more ports, and comes with an AC adapter. But plenty for me to hook in an HDMI screen, the AC adapter, mouse dongle and backup drive. Works great, and charges the phone!

Works pretty well

The charger generally works pretty well, but doesn't fast-charge my Pixel 3. Sometimes it loses contact (indicator light goes from green to red) without the phone even moving! It's still very usable overall

Very nice thing

Just want to buy a good quality, look good is not bad, only use time to test the quality is good, first praise it!

Bedside charger

Charges well and great for bedside charging. It has a larger footprint than some, however, i like the stability.

it's too convenient

I just love the way i use your's so convenient for me.Because i have two mobile phones,now i can charge them at the same time,and i can charge them anytime,anywhere.

Small size does not take up space

The first is that the quality is very good, and the second is that the appearance is very simple and generous. It is necessary to plug in the mobile phone in the car and use the driving recorder. This is a need for this USB head. Praise!

Very good.

The charger feels good, the workmanship is more fine, the atmosphere appears, the display is clear

Very happy and very satisfied.

Very good use, and the color value, quality is good, compact and exquisite, voltage stability.