Lightning Cables & Chargers: How To Find an Apple-certified Cable

Lightning Cables & Chargers: How To Find an Apple-certified Cable

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Don’t Risk Damaging Your Device – Make Sure You Use the Right Charging Cable

With as much as we use our phones and other electronic devices these days, charging is a top activity for many – if you are like most, you plug your phone in to charge several times a day.

But did you know that what cable you use can mean the difference between getting a great charge and actually damaging your device? This is especially true for Apple devices – before you plug your Apple device in, make sure you are using an Apple-certified cable, which this guide will help you identify.

What Does Apple MFi Certified Mean?

Any Apple electronic charging component that you use should have an MFi certification – this essentially means that it is “Made for iPhone.” That is just what MFi stands for – Made for iPhone, Made for iPod, Made for iPad, etc. A cable that has MFi certification means that it is an accessory that Apple has verified as safe for their products. 

Why Is It Harmful To Charge Apple Devices Without an MFi-certified Cable?

Using an uncertified or counterfeit accessory to charge your Apple device can damage your phone and negatively impact its operation. These counterfeit or uncertified accessories may appear to work at first but quickly lead to damage to your device. 

This can include the inability to support devices, charge the device, or sync any data. The voltage or current may be insatiable, which can damage your battery. 

Using such a cable may also void your warranty, and even lead to a burn. Don’t take the risk by using a counterfeit – make sure you choose an iPhone charger MFi certified.

How to Identify Counterfeit or Uncertified Apple Cables

A quick glance may not be enough for you to know if you are holding a counterfeit Apple cable or one that has not been certified. Here are four tips to keep in mind when choosing a charging cable.

Tip 1: Compare Product Packaging

Look carefully at the product’s packaging and the product itself, and compare that with officially licensed products. While direct Apple products will be easy to spot, certified third-party accessories may be harder to identify:

  • Certified third-party accessories will have an MFi badge on their packaging.
  • An Apple Lightning cable will say “Designed by Apple in California,” with either “Assembled in China,” “Assembled in Vietnam,” or “Industria Brasileira” appearing on the cable about seven inches from the USB connector. You should also see a 12-digit serial number at the end of the text.

Tip 2: Examine Laser Etchings and Connectors

Check the finish on the connector. MFi certified lightning cables will have gray or metallic colored connectors, while counterfeits are normally darker or colored inconsistently. The Apple website shows examples of what to specifically look for when you are trying to identify a counterfeit.

Tip 3: Verify It Against the Apple MFi Certification List

Apple has helpfully made available a list of manufacturers and sellers of MFi licensed accessories. These can be found on their MFi accessory search webpage. This Apple certified Lightning cable list is updated regularly.

Tip 4: Lightning to USB Cable vs. Lightning Connector

Look closely at the USB end and Lightning end of the charging cables. Certified MFi products will have:

  • A single-piece connector that is smooth, round, and gold- or silver-colored
  • A consistent 7.7 mm by 12 mm size
  • A gray or metallic faceplate insert, as opposed to white or black
  • Interlocks on the USB shell that are trapezoidal and equally spaced from the edge
  • Gold-plated USB contacts
  • A flat surface that is smooth and consistent
  • A uniform and flat insulator in the USB connection
  • A laser-etched and clear 30-pin dock connection with a flush connection between the adapter body and the Lightning connector
  • A laser-etched USB symbol with a flush connection between the adapter body and the Lightning connection

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