Top 3 Retro Apple Products #AUKEYthrees

February 24, 2017 | By: AUKEY
Top 3 Retro Apple Products #AUKEYthrees

As we celebrate the life and work of Steve Jobs on his Birthday (while even giving you the chance to win AUKEY Apple tech in celebration), now seems like the perfect time to reminisce about a few classic Apple products – some of which completely changed the game, and others that didn’t quite, but may have laid foundations of the innovations that propelled Apple into the forefront of consumer technology as we know today. Here are our top 3 retro Apple products. #AUKEYthrees

Shrine Of Apple: Newton MessagePad

3. Apple Newton - 1998

PDAs (or personal digital assistants), were one of the more lavish tech accessories to have in the early 90s – mainly serving as over-the-top electronic address books with to-do lists.

In 1993, Apple released the Newton, a series of PDAs that similarly to today’s Apple products showed a flair of innovation, including a handwriting recognition system. Unfortunately this handwriting element dictated a premium price tag and some poor reviews when it turned out less accurate than Apple intended. The Newton did show some signs of success, adapted by some specific businesses and industries including medicine, but on Steve Jobs’ return to the company in 1997, the Newton was discontinued – Probably for the best.

Shrine Of Apple: Quicktake 150 (M2613)

2. Apple QuickTake - 1994

Apple are less renowned for stand-alone cameras, however the Apple QuickTake, released in 1994 is widely regarded as one of the first (if not the first) commercially released digital cameras. The original model boasted an 0.3 megapixel camera and could store between 8-32 photos depending on the resolution selected. Again, this was another product axed by Steve Jobs’ on returning to Apple to give focus on their computer product developments, and sales were overshadowed by more established camera brands. The QuickTake remains one of the more collectable vintage Apple products, and is one of Apple’s more influential products that may have shaped the tech industry more than we realize.

1. iMac G3 - 1998

While hi-tech products in this era were often prefixed with the letter ‘e’, now under the supervision of Steve Jobs Apple bucked the trend and released the iMac G3. Not only starting their regular format of ‘i’ sub-branded tech, the iMac G3 also spurred various other marketing and technology traits including the Retina Display updates for improved pixel resolution.

The first iMac was infamous for swapping the uninspiring beige-box designs of that era for a rounded egg-like casing available a multitude of colours, including lime, graphite and indigo, which to a certain extent captured the publics eye more than its features. Within its various updates, the iMac G3 championed some relatively new technology at the time including use of an optical mouse, Firewire connectivity and abandoned the floppy-disk in a similar move to the loss of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.