PowerHub Mini


  • Consolidate your power supply with a convenient design - Dual AC outlets and four USB ports easily meet your power requirements

  • AiPower Adaptive Charging Technology - Tuned to provide the safest maximum recharge rate for all your USB-powered devices, up to 2.4A per port (6A total max)

  • Compact and portable for use at home, in the office, or on business trips

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PowerHub Mini

Power up to 6 devices at once


AUKEY AiPower USB ports adapt to each device to supply the smartest maximum recharge rate at up to 2.4A per port, and charge up to 4 USB powered devices at the same time.



Powerful and Safe

AUKEY EntireProtect features premium engineering, integrated safeguards and advanced circuitry designed to protect against over charging, excessive current, and overheating.


Reduce the clutter of multiple chargers by plugging everything into the AUKEY PA-S10 PowerHub Mini, without losing charging speed.



  • Model Number: PA-S10
  • Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 15A
  • AC Output: 100-240V 1800W
  • USB Output (AiPower): 5V 2.4A (6A total max)
  • Weight: 152g / 5.36oz


What is AiPower?

AUKEY AiPower enabled USB ports provide the safest maximum charging speed for all your different devices for a healthier battery function. The green color identifies the AiPower ports on your AUKEY products.

Is it normal that my charger is heating up?

It is normal for a little heat to be emitted from the product, but it shouldn't be too hot to handle. In this case, please stop using the product and contact our support channel for more help.