Optic Pro Wide Angle Lens & iPhone 6 Plus / 6s Plus Case


  • Included iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus case allows you to easily attach the wide angle lens with perfect alignment, or lens can be affixed to other mobile devices with the included clip

  • Wide angle lens with 110° field of view ideal for capturing wide landscapes, group shots, and vast cityscapes

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  • Model Number: PL-WD04
  • Lens Type: Wide Angle
  • Materials: Optical Glass, Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 67g / 2.36oz


What is the use for telephoto, wide angle, macro, and fisheye lenses?

Telephoto lenses are used to focus on subjects that are far away. For sports events, wildlife and other things where you are limited from getting too close.

Can you zoom with lenses attached to the phone?

Yes, you can still use your phone's own zoom while using AUKEY lenses.

Can I use flash with the lenses on?

AUKEY lenses work great as standalone lens and are not designed to be used with your camera's built-in flash.

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