AUKEY | USB-C Car Charger | CC-Y4

USB-C Car Charger


  • Charge compatible USB-C devices at 5V 3A with built in 3.3' USB-C cable

  • Additional AiPower Adaptive USB-A port offers up to 2.4A of dedicated charging output

  • 27W 5.4A total output, a versatile charging solution for the next generation of mobile devices

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  • Model Number: CC-Y4
  • Technology: USB-C, AiPower
  • Input: 12-24V 4A Max
  • Output: 5V 2.4A
  • Output (USB-C): 5V 3A
  • Total Power: 27W
  • Weight: 39g / 1.38oz


Can a car charger stay plugged in the car even while not in use?

Yes, they can stay plugged in when not in use. However even if the car is not running, the charger will continue to use a small amount of battery power, even if there is no device plugged in. This could affect the battery of your car if it is not driven for long periods of time.

Is it normal that my charging station, car charger, or wall charger is making a humming noise?

This is not abnormal. Please try using a different charging cord or a different outlet to test if the product makes this sound no matter what the conditions are. If you are still dissatisfied, please contact our customer support team.

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