AUKEY EP-T21S Move Compact II Wireless Earbuds 3D Surround Sound

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Color: Black
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Stable Connection

Advanced Bluetooth 5 technology provides a fast and reliable connection.

USB-C Fast Charging

The case recharges rapidly via USB-C and boosts total playtime to a remarkable 30 hours on-the-go.

Superb Sound

Listen to crisp, high-fidelity wireless music.

Comfortable Fit

3 different sizes of ear-tips for a customized fit.

Voice Assistant Support

Triple-tap either earbud to access your phone's assistant.

Use One Earbud

Either earbud can be used alone as a Bluetooth headset.

How to Reset the Earbuds

1. Take both earbuds out of the case. Touch and hold the sensitive panel for 6s to power them off.
2. Touch and hold on the touch-sensitive panels on both earbuds for 10 seconds. The earbuds will turn on, clear their pairing list, and turn off again.
3. Put both earbuds back in the charging case and close the lid to reset.
4. Open the lid again, and both earbuds will turn on and enter pairing mode.


Model: EP-T21S

Color: Black

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5

Charging Time: 1.5 Hours

Working Time: 30 Hours

Waterproof: IPX6

Charge Port: USB type C

Customer Reviews

Based on 2253 reviews
Jill G.
Easy to use

These were simple to set up and use, and fit me well. The sound quality is excellent.

Tremel D.
Easy to use

This is my 3rd pair. I like to keep one for day to day use and one for the gym. I accidentally washed one pair with the laundry and ordered these. Surprisingly the pair I washed started working after drying out for a week. I've owned Beats and Airpods. These hold their own but I found they pair easier than both.

Don S.
I like it

The sound is very good, pairing was easy, but the charge doesn't last very long. Every 30 to 60 minutes I have to return one or the other to the charging case to refresh the charge.

G L.
Easy to use

Easy pairing and sounds quality is top - no difference than Apple 1st gen & also don’t have Chinese brands’ weird Chinese words when opened. But the earbuds is quite / over sensitive. Given this price I am v happy.

K G.

Ok so im not very careful with my earbuds, as shown in this photo, but oh my god have i put these things through the wringer, literally and metaphorically. One time, my dog got away from me and jumped into the creek in my backyard and i had to jump in after her and i forgot these things were in my pocket. When i came out, they still worked. later on, the same dog used it as a chew toy (as seen in the photos) when i was looking away for a minute. They still worked. And today, I threw my pants in the dryer without checking my pockets and when i took them out of the dryer, I realized my earbud case has been rattling around in there in the extreme heat for 20 minutes. And they still work. I don't even think these are marketed as being tough, but oh boy are they. And for basically $30? It's fantastic. Though, I do not recommend putting yours through any of the things I did lol