AUKEY lenses are designed with precise craftsmanship in mind, intended to reduce lens flare, ghosting, glare and reflection.

There are many different lenses to choose from. For example, you might be looking for a macro lens to get up close to insects, eyes, snowflakes. This sort of close-up can create incredible photos that will amaze all your friends. Alternatively, you might be photographing massive landscapes and need a wide-angle lens to get the most out of the photo. It might be for big group photos that you need a wide-angle lens that has a field of view larger than 225º.

Perhaps the fisheye lens is more your style, with the distortion and the black circle around the photo. It’s still got a wide field of view, with some fisheye lenses having a 180º field of view on them. You might not be able to get close to the subject of your photo, so a telephoto lens is going to be perfect for you, to appear closer than you are to the subject of your photography.

AUKEY is an industry leader when it comes to mobile device optical solutions. Our products can be attached to all mobile devices, and also come as 2-in-1 kits and 3-in-1 kits.

Our lenses are crafted of multi-element coated glass and surrounded in aluminum alloy, for maximum quality. Other products in the AUKEY optic range include lens filters that can give an artistic edge to your photos, giving them that crispness that digital filters struggle with.

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