AUKEY auto accessories are designed with user-friendliness in mind, intended to make your driving experience safer and more reliable.

It’s important not to use your smart device while driving, so a phone mount is essential in every car these days, whether it’s a magnet on the back of your phone or a clip that wraps around your device. By having your phone in a mount, it’s an easy way to keep your phone in control, while taking advantage of an in-car charger – a device that can be used to recharge your phone and even your tablet.

You want to keep safe, so being able to keep your car going at a time when the battery is flat is essential. A jumper power bank is ideal for that, as it will get your car going until you can replace your battery, and you can recharge it inside your car afterwards. The introduction of dash cameras has made your drive that much safer and more entertaining by being able to track what has happened on your trip. While modern cars can have tire pressure monitors already in them, older ones do not so it’s something to look it.

If you want to play your own music on your car stereo, a car audio kit is the best thing for your vehicle. It allows you to play your own music through the radio and take calls over Bluetooth. There’s even the option to recharge laptops and other heavy devices using power inverters.

AUKEY is an industry leader when it comes to auto accessory solutions. Our car audio kits come with Bluetooth 4.1, such as the FM Transmitter with Dual Port AiPower Car Charger – providing charging and audio at the same time. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 is included in many of the car chargers like the Dual Port Car Charger and the 3 Port USB C Car Charger. AiPower provides safe, adaptive charging technology for your device, as found in the Dual Port Car Charger with AiPower.