1. Responsible for video and video film shooting and post-production, shooting scenes and lighting design;

2. Have planning ability, communicate and cooperate with the demander of video, and assist in making video shooting plan;

3. Understand the requirements of the film, execute the requirements efficiently and complete the tasks on time;

4. Video editing, post-editing, color matching and copywriting;

5. Animation or animation effects are preferred.


1. Graduated from the major of film, television and animation, with more than two years of post-production work experience, and working experience in electronic products and technology products is preferred.

2. Can use the recording equipment, have the basis of photography and photography, and independently complete the creative, shooting, special effects, editing and production of films and television;

3. Familiar with various video coding technologies, and familiar with AE, PR, PS, ED, Final Cut, C4D, Da Vinci and other software; 3DMAX and Maya are preferred;

4. Strong creative ability of film and television, good art skills, professional knowledge of color, composition and light, good sense of picture and rhythm;

5. Be interested in e-commerce, pay attention to teamwork, work earnestly and responsibly.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

If you are interested, please upload the documents