Senior Graphic Designer


1. Responsible for on-site and off-site promotion graphic design of AUKEY brand, product publicity related graphic design, following up the shooting of pictures and posters and finishing the picture refinement;

2. According to AUKEY's brand tone, assist the brand operation team to formulate and implement the graphic design plan in line with the overall style and stage marketing strategy, and assist in the systematic management of brand image;

3. Acted as the communication bridge between AUKEY brand operation and brand design center, communicated and cooperated with renderer and industrial designer, correctly communicated the brand design concept, and took charge of the quality audit of design products;

4. Responsible for the graphic design and interactive design related to the official website of AUKEY brand, communication and cooperation with the website operation to improve the quality of the official website, and responsible for the visual effect of the official website;


1. Proficient in Adobe software Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, etc.; working experience in Internet companies is preferred;Experience in design of electronic or technological products is preferred.

2. Have 3 years or more experience in brand design and graphic design, and experience in web design and interactive design is preferred;

3. Graduated from a regular art college, with profound aesthetic foundation and excellent visual expression ability, and good brand theory literacy (original illustration is preferred);

4. Have a good understanding of electronic technology, electronic products, and popular trend of design and the social situation is required.

Required Languages

English, Mandarin

If you are interested, please upload the documents