How to Disconnect from Your Tech

How to Disconnect from Your Tech

January 30, 2018 3138

Your devices are your map, your way of communicating to friends across the world or across the room, and a way to get a date (maybe).  In our overwhelming urge to stay connected, we as a society have been losing sleep, feeling worse about ourselves, and becoming more inefficient. For those of us not brave enough to go completely off the grid, just taking a bit of time disconnected can go a long way to a healthier life.

1.       Remove Temptation

We all have had the experience of trying to go to sleep at ten, but suddenly, it’s two in the morning and you’ve spent four hours staring at a screen. Charge your phone and keep your devices in another room so you’re not tempted to start and end your day on the phone.




2.       Eat Better

We’re not saying that you can’t eat a Double Down sandwich or anything. Just eat it while not staring at a screen. That way, you can concentrate on the juicy fried chicken you’re ingesting, which will then allow you time to seriously consider eating that second one.

3.       There’s an App

The SPACE - Break phone addiction app on iOS and Android takes you through the figurative 12 step program to relieving your phone addiction. The first step is tracking how much you use your phone and admitting that you have a problem. 


4.       Plan Something

Combat boredom with planned human interaction, or if you think humans are the worst, just go out by yourself. Take a hike, read a book, or visit a new place without spending the whole time engrossed in your phone.


5.       Schedule Tech-Free Time

If you don’t like going outdoors, you can still set a time daily when you want to go without tech. Who knows how productive you can be: you could finally fix that door that keeps sticking or clean that dish that has been molding for a few days already now.


Most of us can admit to ignoring the present and getting lost in our gadgets, so taking a few minutes to disconnect can allow us to appreciate the present.