AUKEY Wireless Charger Car Phone Holder HD C60

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Secure Mounting

This car phone mount features an upgraded vent clip, with a vent hook and grip locking ring, that holds your smartphone securely on an air vent in your car.

Broad Compatibility

Works with all Qi-enabled devices, even though in most cases (thickness less than 5mm/0.19”).

Customer Reviews

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Shao Feng Wu
Maybe it should upgrade to 15 Watts and higher

It charges my iphone 12 pro max fine but sometimes it would stop charging with blue and red light blinking then I have to lift the phone up and and wait for the light to stay normal then place it back to charge. Here is the main problem, I also have an OnePlus 10 pro and this blue and red light would happen everytime I place it on the charger in about two minutes and sometimes maybe 5 minutes. To me, it feels like the OnePlus is drawing the max wattage so the charger over heats?