Omni-Power Charging Technology, Explained

Your life is busy, and you simply can’t afford to waste time waiting for your phones, laptops, and electronic gadgets to charge up. That is where Omni-Power technology from AUKEY comes in.

AUKEY is a leading innovator in the world of personal electronics and technology, and the company’s Omni-Power technology has a long list of benefits that make charging faster, easier, and more convenient than ever.

This blog will look at Omni-Charging technology from AUKEY, how it works, what features it includes, and where you can buy it. Let’s go!

What Is Omni-Power? 

Omni-Power is an advanced suite of tools and technologies that are meant to charge your electronic items faster and more efficiently. It is made up of four primary solutions: Dynamic Detect, USB Power Delivery, GaN Power Tech, and Graphene Skin. These solutions allow users to take full advantage of the charging capabilities already built into many of their most important devices for faster charging on the go, at home, or at the office.

Omni-Power is found in a wide range of charging solutions, including ultra-compact wall chargers, power banks, car chargers, USB hubs, and cables.

But these solutions do more than just charge electronic devices quickly. They are also less bulky and weigh less than most other popular charging tools on the market, and their light weight and compact form mean they can go wherever you go and hardly be noticed. Let’s look at these four solutions in more detail.

Dynamic Detect 

Dynamic Detect is a fast-charging tool from AUKEY that allows dual-port USB-PD chargers to recognize the number of devices that are connected to the charger and allocate power according to their wattage. This means that 18W devices only get 18W, and 45W devices only get 45W – even if both devices are plugged into and charging off of the same unit at the same time. 

GaN Power Tech 

GaN Power Tech from AUKEY uses advanced circuitry to produce chargers that are up to 30 percent smaller than comparable chargers. They also use up to 40 percent less energy and can result in overall 20 percent lower systems costs. GaN Power Tech delivers three times the power density as similar chargers from other makers do.

USB Power Delivery 

USB Power Delivery is an advanced high-output charging technology that delivers more power to your important devices, which results in faster charging and less time waiting. This can have sta4rtlign results – for example, using USB Power Delivery, it is possible to charge an iPhone 11 from 0 percent to 50 percent in just 30 minutes.

Graphene Skin

Graphene Skin is AUKEY's advanced construction technology and material solution. It means that cables can be thinner and more flexible while maintaining the same high charging and data transfer speeds. Meanwhile, the material is incredibly strong and durable and does a great job of dissipating heat, meaning that you can enjoy high-powered charging and data transfer without your cables becoming hot. Overall, Graphene Skin cables are 20 percent more flexible and 5 percent thinner than comparable devices.

How Does Omni-Power Work? 

Omni-Power Technology uses the latest in charging technology and makes use of AUKEY's years of experience and knowledge in the field of household and portable electronics. GaN, for example, is a powerful technology that uses gallium nitride to dramatically improve the efficiency of power transformers. USB Power Delivery, meanwhile, uses the latest in charting innovations to dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to power up key electronics. Graphene skin is an emerging technology being applied to various settings and is popular for its flexibility and space-saving attributes.

Benefits of Omni-Power Technology 

AUKEY products outfitted with Omni-Power Technology have a wide range of benefits. These products are sleek, well designed, and packed with features. Of note, all Aukey products have a 24-month warranty if purchased directly from Aukey or through Amazon. The benefits of Omni-Power Technology include:

  • Smaller enclosures that weigh less than comparable products
  • Fast charging for advanced devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Smart power distribution when charging multiple devices at the same time
  • Excellent fit and finish in all devices
  • Simple and efficient packaging, including the use of recycled materials when possible
  • Thoughtful features such as folding prongs for easy transportation of wall chargers and velcro straps to enable cord management and keep the excess cord from getting in the way
  • Cables that are more flexible and narrower than cables that do not have Omni-Power Technology

Where Can I Buy AUKEY's Omni-Power Compatible Products? 

All of AUKEY's Omni-Power products are available at There, you can also shop from AUKEY's line of power banks, wall chargers, wireless chargers, car chargers, power hubs, USB-C cables, Lightning cables, HDMI cables, tire wireless speakers, dash cameras, phone car holders, standing desks, webcams, gaming keyboard, and more.

AUKEY products with Omni-Power Technology currently for sale include:

  • Focus Duo 63W dual-port PD wall charger, a smart charger for dynamic charging needs
  • Minima 27W PD wall charger, the world’s smallest 27W PD charger
  • Expedition Flush-Fit 18W PD car charger for fast charging in your vehicle
  • Unity Wireless 100W 4-in-1 USB-C hub with wireless charging for multitasking
  • Sprint Wireless 8000 mAh wireless charging power bank for powerful wireless charging wherever you go
  • Impulse Braided Cable C-L USB-C to Lightning cable to charge your iPhone faster
  • Impulse Braided Cable C-C USB-C to C cable to charge your laptop and phone at lightning-fast speeds

AUKEY Omni-Power Technology products can also be bought from other retailer stores as well.