Your Dash Cam Buyers Guide

Your Dash Cam Buyers Guide

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What are the Benefits of Owning a Dash Cam? 

Owning a dash cam provides users with many benefits. Car theft, accidents, and road rage are all dangers the average commuter faces when driving every day. Buying a dash cam can help record these incidents and provide evidence for the police and insurance companies. 

How Much Is a Dash Cam on Average?

The dash cam price you pay depends on the features you want to be added to it. Here’s a breakdown of the price range of dash cams and what features you can expect to get from them:


  • Basic model of dashcam
  • Standard 1080p resolution, built-in display, and other basic features


  • Next range up from basic
  • Wider angle lenses, higher resolution at 2160p, and other storage options such as cloud storage may be available


  • 4K Ultra resolution and GPS capability
  • Larger storage space
  • Some come with Wi-Fi video uploading and may have multiple cameras to cover different parts of the vehicle 
  • Better quality of video for nighttime driving


  • 4K recording, de-fogging features, driver-assistance programs, 24h recording, and more

What To Look For in a Dash Cam

Dash cams come with several different features, but there are a few key things to keep in mind before you purchase one. Here’s what to look for in a dash cam: 

  • Cost
  • Image quality
  • Battery
  • Storage space
  • Mounting method

On top of these features, there are some other additional features you might want to be included, such as:

  • Wireless connectivity
  • GPS
  • Built-in display
  • De-fogging


A huge thing to consider when buying a dash cam is the camera's resolution. The resolution on dash cams can range anywhere from 480p for more affordable options to 4k resolution on the more expensive side.

Having better image quality can help you when providing evidence for an accident, as it can get the license plate clearly and have better nighttime footage capabilities. 


Most dash cams use your car’s power to operate, mostly through a connection in the cigarette lighter port. Some other dash cams have built-in batteries, allowing the dash cam to be in use even after you turn off your car. However, dash cams with built-in batteries typically have a short battery life, so it may be better to get one that’s hard-wired to your car.


Some dash cams come with built-in storage, while others might require you to buy external storage, such as a MicroSD card.

Depending on the space of the MicroSD, each card has an estimated time of recording before the dashcam loops the recording. MicroSD cards can range from 16GB to 256GB, with the 16GB being able to record around 4-6 hours before looping, while the 256GB can record around 40-80 hours before looping.

GPS Function

Some higher-end dashcams have GPS capability, which means they can track your car’s speed and location. This feature is great for businesses that want to monitor their vehicles and driver habits and could help with accident documentation.


Some dashcams have built-in displays that you can watch while driving, while some more affordable dash cams just have the camera. This display allows you to review footage and change the setting while it’s recording. 

Most dash cam displays range from 2-3 inches, with larger displays making it easier for users to see the footage. 

Other Features

If you’re wondering how to choose a dash cam, here are a few other features that are good to keep in mind when buying a dash cam: 

  • Driver Monitoring
    • Some dashcams come with two cameras, one for recording the frontal view and one for the interior which is used to record the driver and passengers. It’s an excellent feature for those who drive taxis or work for other driving service companies.
  • Auto-start
    • Some dashcams automatically turn on and start recording when in motion, which is useful when you’re constantly on the go. 
  • Loop Recording
    • This feature allows the dashcam to continuously record and save footage to the MicroSD card without running out of space. The dash cam will overwrite old saved footage with the new footage if the MicroSD card has no space.

Mounting Methods

Different dash cams have different mounting methods. Some dash cams can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield of a car. Other dash cams can mount to the car’s windshield with a suction cup, which is quite strong and can keep it in place while you’re driving. However, sometimes the adhesive can be a bit difficult to remove.

Audio Recording

Some dash cams come with an audio recording feature. This feature is useful in the case of an accident or road rage to record any conversations or sounds going on. It’s another useful aspect to have when you need to provide evidence to your insurance or law enforcement.

Buy the Best Dash Cam on AUKEY

Are you looking for the best car camera? AUKEY has a wide range of high-quality dash cams at various price ranges.

AUKEY DR01 1080P Dash Cam

  • Offers clear video capture with a screen resolution of 1080p and a 170-degree field of view. It can record during nighttime and comes with optional in-car audio.
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures with long-lasting battery technology.
  • Emergency Recording captures any incidents and locks these recordings to protect them from being deleted or overwritten.

AUKEY Mini Dash Cam 1080P DRA5

  • The AUKEY mini dash cam 1080P DRA5 comes in a compact design which makes it easy to hide behind the rearview mirror and protect it from getting stolen. 
  • It has 1080p resolution, giving it high-definition recording capabilities, even at night. 
  • Additionally, this dash cam has a wide-angle lens, emergency and loop recording, and parking monitoring. 


AUKEY Dash Cam 1080P DRA1

  • Records in 1080p, giving clear images during video recording.
  • Comes with a large aperture of F1.8, a higher definition, softer colors, and natural picture quality for both day and night recording.
  • Another unique feature this dash cam has is that it can handle extreme temperatures ranging from -30℃-75℃. On top of that, it also has loop recording, motion detection, and a G-sensor. 

AUKEY Dash Cam 4K DRS1

  • Has 7 glass lens layers, allowing it to record in 4K to give the clearest video both day and night. 
  • Contains the IMX415 Sony Sensor and has a 170-degree view, capturing up to 6 lanes. 
  • Allows you to connect your phone to view, back up, and download all the videos your dash cam takes. 
  • In the case of an emergency, this dash cam has an emergency recording that will automatically save any accidents and will protect them from being deleted or overwritten. The enhanced loop recording will also ensure the dash cam can be used even when the microSD card runs out of space. 
  • To top it all off, it includes an enhanced 24-hour motion detection feature, meaning it’s always on just in case you need something captured. 

This user guide has all the information you need when buying a dash cam. Wondering where to buy a dash cam? AUKEY has a variety of dash cams and other technology products at affordable prices. Check out some of the items we offer, and start driving safer today!