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Best Gaming Desk Buying Guide

What You Need To Know To Find the Best Gaming Desk

As with any sport or activity, having the right tools for the job will increase your enjoyment and ensure a better outcome, and that is doubly true when you are looking for a gaming computer desk. Sure, you can play games on anything that supports your computer, including your lap, but a gaming desk will make playing more fun and more comfortable and may even help you reach new high scores. Let’s look at the best gaming desk or sit-stand desk so you know what to shop for.

What Is a Gaming Desk or Electric Standing Desk?

A gaming desk is a desk that has been made with gaming in mind. Each part of the desk has been carefully determined and chosen to promote better gaming – this includes materials, weight, size, cost, measurements, and more. While a gaming computer desk can make your gaming more enjoyable, it can also improve your overall computer experience, whether you are working from home or simply taking care of business.

Similarly, an electric standing desk is a desk that raises or lowers its height using electric motors – much as a car seat can be adjusted with a simple switch, an electric standing desk can lower to seated height or raise to standing height for those who are of almost any height, all with a simple up or down switch.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Desk

Buying a gaming desk does not have to break the bank, and there are some great cheap gaming desk options, but it can still be a significant investment. Make sure you get the gaming desk that works best for you by carefully considering each of these factors before pressing the “buy” button.

1) Cost

Gaming desks can range in cost from little more than $100 to nearly $1,000. Cost is generally associated with features, durability, storage, and other key factors.

2) Size

Gaming desks generally range in width from about 45 inches to 72 inches. The size you choose should be based on a few factors: how many monitors you have, how large your room is, and how much extra space you want beside your monitors to house everything from docking stations to desk supplies and potted plants.

3) Height-Adjustable Capability

Having an adjustable desk or sit-stand desk may offer you added functionality. With an electric sit-stand desk, you can easily adjust the desk height from sitting to standing, meaning your desk can function well for work-from-home activities or if you just need to change your work or gaming position.

4) Shape

Gaming desks can come in a variety of shapes, from standard rectangles to L-shaped desks to desks that have an indentation in the center and small flanks on both sides. Make sure to read user reviews to see what other gamers think about the desk shape before buying anything.

5) Storage Management

Your gaming desk can be a plain and simple desk with a flat work area and two side supports, or it can include a wide range of additional areas for storage and work. Options for storage management include drawers, trays, raised console areas, slide-out keyboard trays, trays just for your tower, and more.

6) Ease of Assembly

Don’t ignore the fact that your gaming desk will likely arrive in a box, and you will need to put it together. Read user reviews carefully to see what sort of experience you can expect when putting your desk together. Some may go together with just a few bolts using an included Allen key, while others may take hours of following frustrating directions and require you to have your own set of tools.

7) Durability

Your gaming desk may take a lot of abuse – make sure it is up to the challenge. Desks made using real wood and metal parts will last the longest, while those made with particle board, laminate or faux wood coverings, and plastic may only last a year or two before looking tired or even breaking.

Differences Between the AUKEY Gaming Desk and the IKEA Standing Desk

The IKEA standing desk is a popular option for gamers looking for a gaming desk on a budget, but carefully compare it to a top product like the AUKEY Gaming Desk before making any purchase decision. The IKEA standing desk:

  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Has a stripped-down, more austere look
  • May be expensive to ship to your home if you do not live close to an Ikea store.

What Are the Benefits of a Gaming Desk for Gamers?

Some of the benefits of gaming desks include:

  • Adjustable height allows for a variety of play positions
  • Better comfort and ergonomics
  • Enhanced aesthetics and style
  • Superior construction quality
  • Better furniture durability
  • Optimal load-bearing capacity
  • Optimal space and storage options

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