Back to School Tech Essentials for 2022

Back to School Tech Essentials for 2022

When Do Students Go Back to School in 2022? 

Students typically go back to school the second week of August, and before they go back, there are usually a few things they need to grab or update before heading back to class. From wireless technology to hubs and adapters, we’ve got you covered with some of the best gadgets and deals to watch out for this year. 

What Are the Best Back School Deals You Should Look For? 

When shopping for back-to-school gadgets, it can be overwhelming to know exactly the best deals, as it seems almost every store has a “Back to School” sale. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with some of the best gadgets 2022 has to offer.

Power Banks

When students are on the go around high school or the college campus, the last thing they need is their battery or phone to die. A power bank solves this issue, as it’s a portable battery that students can bring with them wherever they go and charge their devices at any given moment. It’s truly a life-saver for any student to have on hand. 

AUKEY has a variety of power banks that are a perfect gift for students before they head back to school to keep them always charged, even when they’re on the go!

Wireless Earbuds

Earphones are something that virtually every student will need. Whether it’s for music during their commute or to help them focus on studying, it’s become an essential gadget to get when heading back to school. And since many phones no longer have a headphone jack, wireless is definitely the way to go now. 

Sit/Stand Desk

A sit/stand desk is an excellent back to school gift for anyone going back to school. Not only is it a nice change from sitting all day in classes, but it’s also more ergonomic. A standing desk can help reduce shoulder and back pain and decrease the risk of obesity, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. 

If you’re looking for a standing desk for the coming school year, AUKEY has an adjustable gaming desk that can be adjusted in seconds to different heights and host dual monitors.

Wall Chargers and Wireless Chargers

Fast-charge any device with wall and wireless chargers. Wall chargers give students more options to charge their phones and tablets, as they have USB ports connected to them. Additionally, they charge devices faster than compared to charging your phone from another device, such as a computer. 

Hubs and Adapters

Hubs and adapters are critical for any student to have on hand. They’re an excellent backup for presentations if the presentation screen isn’t working and you need to present from a TV instead. 

Additionally, they’ll allow you to connect to another monitor, giving you better access to the information you need with two screens. Plus, you can charge your phone or other devices even if the other USB ports are taken up on your computer. 

Other Back to School Gadgets

Some other unique back to school gadgets that students will love include:

For students who don’t always want to use the trackpad on their laptop or want to connect it to their tablet and keyboard setup. Sometimes, it’s easier on the wrist to use a mouse all day rather than scrolling on the trackpad. 

If you get them a mouse, a mouse pad is another nice accessory for any computer station. They can simply keep this at their desk in their dorm or bedroom, and it can help keep the noise down when working while also protecting their desk.

This is a great gift for students who commute regularly and have a car. Keep them safe with a phone car holder that will have the map to school upright for them to see easily while driving.

Smart lights are a unique but handy tool for any student. They can change different colors, connect to phones, and can be controlled via an app on the phone for ease of use. Smart lights are great for students who are up late at night studying or who want some ambient lighting in their dorm room. 

Check Out AUKEY’s Back to School Gadgets 

AUKEY has various back-to-school gadgets and a fantastic sale to give you the best deals possible. Give the student in your life the best back to school tech to prepare them for another great year of school with amazing wireless earphones, smart lights, hubs and adapters, and more!