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Beware – Protect Yourself From Public Charging Stations To Avoid Mobile Phone Hacking!
However urgently you may need your phone, you should always consider there are risks when using public charging stations and your phone could be accessed via phone hackers.
Why Should I Care About Qualcomm Quick Charge?
At AUKEY we talk a lot about utilizing the latest in Quick Charge technology to get the safest, quickest charge on your mobile device. But how is this relevant to you?
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Tethered to the wall charging your phone? In need of Wall Rescue? AUKEY freed over 300 attendees at CES this year with portable charging Power Banks. This month we're freeing even more people via social media! Learn how to win here!
3 Essential Nintendo Switch Accessories
Turn three hours of portable Nintendo Switch gaming into 18 with our 3 top Nintendo Switch Accessories.
A Brief Timeline of the USB
With well over 10 years of evolution under its belt, Let’s take a minute to appreciate the most popular connection we use in our everyday technology.
AUKEY Lens Giveaway!
Guess what our Macro image is for a chance to win a 3-in-1 AUKEY Lens Kit!.
7 Mobile Data Saving Tips
Follow our simple steps to limit your data usage and sleep easy knowing your data plan will be well within its limits.
Top 3 Retro Apple Products #AUKEYthrees
As we celebrate the life and work of Steve Jobs on his Birthday, it seems like the perfect time to reminisce about a few classic Apple products...
If Siri could tell you the answer to any question, what would you ask? Ask & WIN!
‘Hey Siri, How Can I win free tech?’ We will be giving away AUKEY Apple tech accessories to the funniest, most creative and most inspiring answers!
5 iOS Tips and Tricks for iPhone and iPad
As the birthday of Steve Jobs approaches this week, the AUKEY team have been making the most of their Apple tech in recognition, with these simple iOS tips and tricks.
National Battery Day Power Bank Giveaway!
Did you know that this Saturday February 18th is National Battery Day? In celebration, we are giving away 10 AUKEY AiPower equipped Pocket Power Banks – for the safest, maximum recharge rate, everywhere you go!
Maximize your battery power with our simple battery saving guide!
Get the most out of your phone and tablet battery life by following our easy to use guide - manage your apps, optimize your settings, and when you run out of battery, select the right power bank to keep your battery on full, when you need it.
3 Dating Apps To Make Dating More Fun This Valentine’s Day #AUKEYthrees
Apps such as Tinder and are now considered routine for millennials to find love. However, endlessly swiping through profile pictures, reading lengthy personal details and getting leering personal messages often can leave you without hope. So, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day and need some new motivation to find someone to connect with, why not check out 3 of our alternative dating apps to make dating more fun!
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