Action Cameras – The Perfect Travel Accessory?

July 21, 2017 | By: AUKEY Admin
Action Cameras – The Perfect Travel Accessory?

Everybody loves to travel and take photos on their vacation. If you’re looking at upgrading some of your tech for your adventure, the obvious first choice would be to invest in a new lens for your SLR or possibly even a new camera altogether.


While action cameras are growing in popularity, they’re often associated with extreme sports or taking adventure to the limits – but being lightweight, capturing wide angles and offering convenient features such as WiFi app control, we think they make a great travel camera, even if you’re just lazing around on the beach or new to photography.


For the more seasoned traveller and experienced photographer they make great secondary cameras too. Their compact form factor means getting extra-creative with mounting and placements can produce some jaw-dropping results.


Pack Light


Action cameras, at a first glance, offer a familiar operation to typical digital camera and video cameras, in that you can point and shoot photos and videos with one. Probably the first thing you’ll notice about an action camera is their size. For example our own AC-LC2 is just under 6cm wide and weighs only 2.2 ounces (approx. 0.06kg), which makes it extremely portable.


Aside from the ability to pack light on your travels, the small form factor of action cameras make them great for getting creative with angles. Hold them down low and angled upwards for a unique perspective on tall buildings and landmarks, and easily hold it up high over crowds in tourist areas to get a clear view.


 Wide Angled Lens


Most action cameras, including the AC-LC2 benefit from a fish eye lens, which is a particularly wide angled lens. Often used in extreme sports, this is important as if the lens is mounted to the body or in a fixed position, viewers can enjoy the picture without it needing to be repositioned - for example mounted to a bike for the duration of a race.


Even if your holiday snaps are less extreme, this wide angle has many benefits. As the name suggests, fisheye lenses capture a wider view, so getting the right composition or missing your subject is less of a problem if you are an amateur photographer. This makes for perfect scenery shots too with the ability to capture the wide view of mountains and long coastlines.


The wide angles also make selfie shots quite easy. If you are pointing the camera in the right direction, you’ll be in the shot with a clear view of the wonderful scenery around you. Models with remotes and app control make this even easier or with the ability to position your camera out of reach for a unique angle.




As the name suggests, action cameras are made resistant to bumps and knocks. Most models come with a shock resistant, waterproof casingno problem for holiday related wear-and-tear including sand, dirt and rain.


Road Trip


Action cameras are great for documenting every part of your journey from start to finish. Our AC-LC2, for example, includes a whole range of clamps and mounts making it easy to secure to boats, cars and other vehicles. Combined with the time-lapse function, long haul trips can be turned into great intros or transitions for travel vlog edits. This feature can also be used for sunrises and sunsets, or getting great footage when you’re asleep, recharging for the next leg in your adventure.

4K, WiFi App Support and More


Our new AC-LC2 features a WiFi app and 2.GHz remote for remote operation, 4K shooting and comes with a whole host of mounts and accessories including a certified waterproof casing. Learn more about it here.


For the perfect travel accessory, and a great alternative to conventional compact and SLR cameras, pack an action camera on your next holiday.