A Brief Timeline of the USB

March 8, 2017 | By: AUKEY
A Brief Timeline of the USB

It’s hard to think that the USB, otherwise known as the Universal Serial Bus started out with a transfer speed of just 1.5MB/s. Now in it’s latest generation - USB 3.1 and the USB-C connection are widely regarded as the connection to have on your tech, and is appearing as the standard of charging and data transfer on almost every new phone launched at WMC 2017.

The new USB 3.1 protocol, also known as SuperSpeed+ now boasts a maximum data transfer speed of 10GB/s. It’s connection is now reversible shaving valuable seconds off your connection time, is integrated into the new Nintendo Switch, and its latest iteration can even power larger devices such as laptops. With well over 10 years of evolution under its belt, Let’s take a minute to appreciate the most popular connection we use in our everyday technology.


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