7 Apps to Jumpstart Your New Year's Resolutions

7 Apps to Jumpstart Your New Year's Resolutions

December 22, 2017 4346

Every year we all set some goals, so why not try getting started the smart way?

Based on years of New Year's Resolution data, we've come up with 7 apps that could help with the most common resolutions. Or if you just want to find new, useful apps, that's ok too.

Lose weight with Nike + Training Club

A truly free workout app that gives you access to over a hundred workouts for all interests which can be customized to your equipment or time commitment. The only thing missing is a work out buddy who can peel you up off the floor after your first workout.


Available on iOS and Android

Make money with Ebates

Loved by many penny pinchers already, this app and website help those of us who shop online to get more with every purchase. Just by signing into your app and then making a purchase online, you're able to access upwards of 40% cash back on your purchase.


Available on iOS and Android

Save more money with Mint

It's the lazy man's way to keep track of your expenses. It has the ability to link to your major accounts to automatically keep track of your spending, so you have no excuse for not keeping up with this resolution. Of course for those that are not into linking your bank to an app, there is an option to update your expenses manually.


Available on iOS and Android

Get organized with Any.do To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

This app is a super smart way of keeping your tasks, calendars and reminders all in one place. You don't even have to shoulder it all yourself: send tasks to other people and let them take responsibility.


Available on iOS and Android

Learn something new with Sololearn

Get a taste for coding with Sololearn as they have training in C++, Python 3, Java, CSS, HTML and more. It's made for people wanting an introduction, but with its free and easily accessible classes, it's a good way to get a jump start on these marketable skills.


Available on iOS and Android


Travel More with Hopper

With all the money you're saving with budgeting in Mint and the money earned through Ebates, you'll be able to afford a nice vacation. You've earned it. Use Hopper to find a flight and gives you updates in price changes, but also gives predictions of the price fluctuation so you buy the flight at the best time.


Available on iOS and Android

Read More with Audible's Audiobooks

 It may be hard to find a peaceful place to cuddle up to a book sometimes. With Audible, you're able to listen to a book in the car, outside with headphones, or at home with Bluetooth speakers . In our opinion, there are few better pleasures than listening to Morgan Freeman (and others) carry you through a great story.


Available on iOS and Android

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